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Discovery Pharma Consulting LLC was incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania in the spring of 2009 in response to approaches from Pharma Industry clients.  Discovery Pharma offers services focused on the following areas:

Preclinical Drug Discovery

The company provides world-class expertise in Target ID, Hit to Lead, Lead Optimization, Candidate Nomination and the Preclinical phases of Pharmaceutical R & D. Discovery Pharma specializes in rapid optimization of small molecule drugs for a variety of targets, in some cases with Science Advisory Board involvement. The company’s President has an outstanding track record of inventive involvement in 6 advanced Chemical Entities (NCEs); Gabitril™ marketed worldwide, with 4 others in progressed to clinical trials. For further details, see Dr. Lars Knutsen’s resume.

Due Diligence Services

For corporations in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech arena aiming to acquire other companies or to in-license drugs. Discovery Pharma is highly experienced in this specialized area. Involvement of a Third party is often required to ensure that research plans and/or chemical structures seen during the Diligence process do not compromise the Freedom to Operate of the sponsoring corporation. For publicly quoted companies, adequate and conscientious Due Diligence is a legal requirement.

Expert Witness and Input

Discovery Pharma also provides expert reports on Science and Pharmaceutical R & D Strategy in preparation for IPOs and flotations, as well as Expert Witness services in cases involving IP prosecution and examination.  Lars Knutsen has been involved in 18 Expert Witness cases since 2011 involving prominent US law firms.  The company can also guide Research Institutes in setting up and running early stage Biotech companies.

Portfolio Review

Lars Knutsen has more than 30 years experience in Drug Discovery Management and Medicinal Chemistry from Glaxo, Novo Nordisk, Vernalis, Ionix, Cephalon, Requis Pharmadeuticals and NMD Pharma in the UK, Denmark and the USA. In addition, Discovery Pharma has access to other specialist consultants within CMC, Formulation, Drug Quality, Supply Chain Management, Computational Chemistry, IP, Regulatory Affairs and Drug Discovery Biology. Discovery Pharma’s partners are qualified to participate in portfolio reviews and will provide expert guidance, tuition and training within Pharma Management and Portfolio Planning.

Preparation of Project Proposals and Project Management

Discovery Pharma is willing to consult on a regular or occasional basis on the initiation and management of new projects, ensuring that milestones are clearly defined and attainable. Even in the best research environments, only approximately 30% of new projects go on to provide drug candidates. Discovery Pharma’s experience of what approaches succeed, or do not succeed, within Pharma R & D can provide an ideal environment for projects to prosper. Fees can be lowered by negotiation in favor of arrangements involving equity share.

Mentoring and Executive Coaching

Discovery Pharma’s President has career expertise mentoring academic and scientific staff towards excellence and high achievement.  He has had specific training in Executive Coaching, with knowledge of the unique pressures on managers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Discovery Pharma can provide services in both North America and the EU. For further information, please or phone Lars Knutsen on +1 (484) 319-0117 for a no obligation discussion of your company’s needs, and how our services can meet them.

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